FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients, one of the leading global ingredient manufacturers, introduces its new global segment organisation which incorporates its four individual operating companies DOMO, Kievit, DMV and Nutrifeed. This marks the company’s evolution to a unique position in value-added, healthy and functional ingredients and solutions. ?Aligning with changing market needs, enhancing solution and service offerings and further leveraging development capabilities, the new company emphasises co-creation and growing customer partnerships.

Tapping into the growing global nutrition market, customers are not only looking for powder in bags but also want more options, more ideas, and more ways to impact their consumers’ lives for the better. Working side by side with our cooperative of dairy farmers for 150 years has taught us as much about the strength of working together as it did about the strength of quality ingredients. We provide advanced solutions to customer needs for nutritional, healthy and tasty food products, as one unified brand, with strategic segments representing different areas of expertise:

  1. Early Life Nutrition: ?Continuing to deliver on the trust people have in Infant Milk Formula to help young children grow healthily and build on a legacy of more than 75 years as world market leader in nutritional ingredients like GOS, HMOs and hydrolysates, to name a few.
  2. Adult Nutrition?: Serving Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition. It includes an extensive portfolio of nutritional dairy protein ingredients, providing essential nutrients for those moments when people need them most.
  3. Food & Beverages: ?Serving global food and beverage customers. It continues a long history of enriching customers’ businesses with unique sensory expertise in creaminess, milkiness, mouthfeel, colour and texture for end-products in the coffee, (milk) tea, pastry, decoration, desserts, ice cream and soups & sauces markets, creating indulgent experiences that enhance the senses. Additionally, it includes an extensive portfolio of functional dairy protein ingredients.
  4. Animal Nutrition: ?Feeding young animals around the world with dairy based solutions. Building on a legacy of safeguarding high-quality standards and own member farmers’ expertise, it believes that strong, healthy-growing animals mean strong, productive and sustainable businesses.

At its core, FrieslandCampina Ingredients consists of passionate ingredient specialists focused on ensuring that every solution for our customers is spot on. We know that it takes more than just ingredients to make value-added products filled with goodness. It takes the right ingredients crafted by people who believe that what’s inside the food and beverages we eat and drink matters.

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